What are people saying about Roe:

When you crushed several high level “glass ceilings” on Wall Street, heads turned at your gutsy ability to outshine your colleagues. When you spoke on stage at a national event in front of thousands, the standing ovation reverberated throughout the convention center for over five minutes. When you coached me through a reassessment of my life purpose following a serious illness, I felt heard, found my focus and moved forward with renewed gratitude, love and faith. You’re intuitive, compassionate, dedicated and a great problem-solver. You connect to a range of ages, personalities and cultures by relating from your core and knowing your truth! People who know you, trust you—when they just meet you, they gravitate toward your powerful and passionate spirit. You’re a fun friend and inspiring mentor.


Cheri Avery Black, MA,
Founder/President and Senior Business Development Coach, Human Interests Inc.

Executive Director and National Trainer, The PRIME Institute (for Diversity), Drexel University

Former Deputy Director of Mental Health, Philadelphia, PA



As the co-founder of Shore Women Business Network Group (founded in 2003) and Regional Vice President Partner of Primerica I wanted to take this opportunity to recommend Roe. I have had the pleasure to experience Roe speak on several occasions.  She is so passionate, energetic and an entertaining speaker. Roe understands the needs of women to be successful in living life to the fullest in today’s world. I am confident time spent with Roe is “Priceless” Her passion combined with her knowledge will ensure success! It’s an honor to know Roe and to have had the firsthand experience………….            

                                                   Grace Kelly      

                 Co-Founder Shore Women Business Network

               Regional Vice President / Primerica


I met Roe a few years ago and since that time she has made a big impact on my life. Her positive energy is inspiring.   Roe volunteers countless hours to the Red Cross, Shore Women Business Network and other Women's organizations and charities. Her leadership ability and Take Charge attitude gets things done. 

I am proud to know Roe and love her passion for life and helping other women to succeed in business.  The best part about being with Roe is that she is FUN and Tells it like it is!!!  


                                                                                  Patty Marchesi





     Events happen in your life when you find yourself on a new path heading in a new direction. Often this leads to new relationships and new friendships. This is when I had the good fortune to meet Roe Couture DeSaro. Five years ago I became a volunteer for the American Red Cross Gala Committee. Roe was a Chairperson for the committee and I was instantly taken with her warmth and enthusiasm. As a new member of the committee Roe made me feel welcome and at ease.

     It wasn’t long before I became totally committed to the Red Cross mission and the members of the committee. Roe played a very big part in that commitment. As I got to know Roe I began to not only appreciate how bright she was, but also how brave she was. I knew she had left a high level position in New York City to start her own business. I got to know this woman as a professional, a philanthropist and a great friend. It never ceases to amaze me how Roe constantly continues to learn, grow, and get excited about something new every day. Her energy is endless. It’s infectious!

     Roe’s example has impacted my life considerably. At 54 years old I was looking to take on a new career path. Roe gave me the support and confidence that lead me into the career I have today. I am now an employee of the American Red Cross. My first position was the head of the Gala Committee where we met. Now I hold the position as the Major Gift Officer for the Jersey Coast Chapter. Roe had no idea that she was my coach these past five years. She made me believe in myself, be brave enough to take on new challenges and confident enough to know I would succeed. Thanks Roe! 

Kim Price

Major Gift Officer

American Red Cross

South Jersey Region



Roe Couture DeSaro is one of the most inspiring and insightful ladies on this planet; her leadership skills are the brightest and most elegant I have ever experienced in my 40+ years in the leadership business. Her guts to reach out to total strangers like myself with warmth and enthusiasm totally changed the direction of my life, and endeared me to her forever. Her crystal clear vision of how to help people get beyond their limitations is only eclipsed by her deep desire to help us all reach into our depths and graduate us into being what God intended us to be: Champions. When she speaks, I not only listen, I record and take notes!

                                                    Thell G Prueitt

                                                   MastersOfFun Kingsland TX






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